Weapon Details Edit

Very quick, with a longer range than most weapons, but not very strong.

Special Moves Edit

Unleash. Increases the range of the whip, low damage, but the whip offers a very long range.

Weapon List Edit

Standard Whips
Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Whip Whip 5 Tentacle + 1 Leather 1
High Whip High Whip 5 Whips 2
Zoa Whip Zoa Whip 5 High Whips 3 Bull-whipper
Giga Whip Giga Whip 5 Zoa Whips 4 Bull-whipper
Holy Whip Holy Whip 5 Giga Whips 5 Punisher
Paragon Whip Paragon Whip 5 Holy Whips 6 Cobra

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