Weapon Details Edit

It is a very powerful short range weapon. It is favored by many players for its special move Quake. It is a 2 Handed Weapon, not allowing for the use of a shield.

Special Moves Edit

Quake. Strike the ground to damage nearby enemies. Useful against small enemies like lizards and scorpions because of its AOE.

Weapon List Edit

Standard War Hammers
Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
War hammer War Hammer 3 Steel


Special: 2

High War Hammer High War Hammer 5 War Hammers 5
Special: 2
Zoa War Hammer Zoa War Hammer 5 High War Hammers 7
Special: 3
Giga Hammer Giga War Hammer 5 Zoa War Hammers 9
Special: 4
Holy War Hammer Holy War Hammer 5 Giga War Hammers 11
Special: 5
Paragon War Hammer Paragon War Hammer 5 Holy War Hammers 13
Special: 6

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