Before I quit for 5 months in Puppet Guardian, I told my friend Silvervine that I would quit. Then I went to Tower II and told everyone there and said to spread the word. But when I came back, only a few of my friends said Welcome Back, and the others didn't know because they're new. errol_1218 and moronsnail only said Welcome Back in a different wording. errol_1218 said : We're both back in business! and moronsnail said : Hi. You've been gone long! because I came back on October 30, 2010 and it was the Halloween Event. So many people didn't play in Halloween. :) But after that every day I played Puppet Guardian and now, I sold many things every day! :) I am gaining gold though, Last time I quit was because Puppet Guardian was boring, There weren't much celebrations so I think I would quit for 5 months. Haha, When it was Halloween, I knew there should be an event for Halloween so I thought why not re-meet my friends a long time ago?.....Well that's the end of the Blog of the Week # UNO by PrinceCaldaPizza, The Swift Alchemist.

Coming Soon : Blog of the Week II! Tune in next Wednesday!

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