VII - Ridge of ChasselasEdit

"The world sealed in this tower is known as the Ridge of Shasura. It was here that we fought a terrible fight to capture the Magic Mirror conjured by the wizard Shasura.

Guardians, you will need this mirror to shield the castle. Be careful as you venture into this world, for the deadly vampires Lester and Mirald still lurk in its dark recesses. Stay alert, for the vampire is stoner than anyone can dream.

Shasura claims the Magic Mirror as his own. He is a fierce wizard and a cruel one. It was he who killed my beloved wife Yun. If he regains the Mirror, he can overpower and control the people of our lands. He will spare no malicious cost to regain this magic. So, my Guardian friends, by ready. When he comes you must stop him."

Tower VII has 35 spaces total.

T7 map



Items from Monsters:

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