The White Dragon

(Image darkened for better visual)


Life Points

  • 1023

Attack Damages

  • Swallow: Brings life points down to 1, doesn't kill.
  • Neck Swipe: 2
  • Breath: 2, with additional effect of Freezing you for a period of time.

Elemental Weakness and Resistance

  • Resistance to Freezing.
  • 150% Damage with Fire Element (Ruby)
  • 50% Less Damage with Light Element (Diamond)

Dropped Items


  • It is wise to attack in large groups, this monster is not easy to kill.
  • Recommended to use Wine before fighting this, while you are frozen, you can't attack with weapons.
  • Occasionally has a few Phantom Guardians in it's room - kill those off first.

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