• 10,000


  • Staff (physical attack): 1
  • Ice/Light Beams: 1 (with additional effect of freezing)
  • Ice Shards: 1 (with additional effect of freezing)

Elemental Weakness and Resistance

  • 50% Damage with all normal weapons.
  • Resistance to paralysis, freezing, and stoning.
  • 80% Damage with Natural Element (Emerald)
  • 80% Damage with Water Element (Sapphire)
  • 10% Damage with Fire Element (Ruby)
  • 100% Damage with Dark Element (Zoisite)
  • 25% Damage with Lightning Element (Tourmaline)
  • Add on if you are confident about a fact here.


  • Appears 15 minutes after the start of a battle.
  • Dashes toward Celestial Castle's roof toward the Fruit.

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