Sapphire magic points are used to cast magic of Water element, and to heal mostly. Water is strong versus Fire.

Sapphire GemEdit



Sapphire is a blue gem that is sorted in the magic line in an order in where it is always after Ruby and before Tourmaline. It can be found in Tower IV in the last Coral spots, it is said that there is a lot less chance to find it on the other Coral spaces, too. Special effect of Sapphire is the Sleep Effect.
  • Likelihood of getting Sapphire is considered to be the second highest after Zoisite, it is because it usualy takes 5 or more dice rolls to get to the last 3 coral spots.
  • Sapphire magic is used to heal. the only way how to use Sapphires to deal damage is through Rain Ring. Absorbing Wand actually uses a Sapphire point but only to convert damage done to enemy to restore your health.
  • Sapphire is considered a very useful gem for it's ability to heal the wounded, the favourite way of what people do with them is Healing Book and Blue-eyed Gauntlet.


  • Healing Book heals everyone around the player for 5 health.

See also: Sleep Effect

List of charge itemsEdit


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