Life Points

  • 10

Attack Damage

Phantom Guardian 1

  • Swordsmen
    • Charge up: 2
    • Normal: 1
    • Ray: Breaks dice

Phantom Guardian 2

  • Lancers
    • Rush: 1
    • Jab: 1
    • Note: Will take a 2-3 second quick "break" after the rush, where it does not move.
    • Ray: Breaks dice

Phantom Guardian 3

  • Axe Warrior
    • Charge up: 3
    • Normal: 1
    • Ray: Breaks dice

Elemental Weakness and Resistance

  • 72% Damage with Light/Ice Element (Diamond)

Items Dropped


  • They tend to take a short quick breath after charging; that's when they don't move and stay there puffing. Use that time to attack it.
  • Beware of the warrior as it can deal 3 damage with a slow charge up, take that time to avoid it.
  • They can break your dice roll if there are many in a room.
  • When you are alone you can avoid them into breaking your dice when you stop the roll fast enough.
  • They will go away once killed.
  • They will respawn again after some time.

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