What is the Magic Bag?Edit

When you turn magic bag on, all items which you gather in the tower fields automatically go into your bag. There is no need to waste valuable time fussing with your items as you move, just a smooth journey forward.

Magic Bag 1

  • Turn ON/OFF the Magic Bag function from the game's context menu (Windows/right-click and Mac/control + click).
  • When the Magic Bag is ON, items you gather in the tower fields automatically go to your Magic Bag and not to your item window.

Return to the lobby, and...Edit

Magic Bag 2

Contents of the Magic Bag are automatically displayed when you return to the lobby. At this point you must do one of the following to each item:

  • Add it to your Synthesis Jar
  • Display it in your Item Window
  • Store it in the warehouse.

Click the Synthesis Jar icon in your Magic Bag window to see the contents of your Synthesis Jar.

Magic Bag 3

When you close the Magic Bag window, all of its contents are deleted. To avoid deleting items, either display them, add them to the jar, or store them in your warehouse.

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