Description Cause Preventing Cures How to put effect on monsters
Poison Makes the player walk noticably slower. Green bubbles will appear. Cancels lance special attack.

Poison, Poison Lizard


Remedy Book
(cures everyone near user)

Poison Needle, Poisonous Fog Scroll, Poisonous Fog Book
Fire Burns the player, -1 life each second. Flames will appear on your head. Flaming Potion, Night Mare, Hellhound, Blue Fire Ghost, Red Fire Ghost Sand of Stars Fire Extinguisher Fire Needle,
Flaming Arrow Scroll, Book of the Flaming Arrow
Paralyze Disables movement of the player. Electricity zaps around the player. Lasts shorter than stoning. Paralyzing Potion, Scorpion Paralysis Needle, Paralyzing Scroll, Paralyzing Book
Stone Disables movelent of the player. Player turns gray, and lasts longer than paralyzation. Stone Medicine, Basilisk, Beholder, Cockatrice Holy Water Fossil Remedy Scroll,
Book of Fossil Remedies (someone around you has to use it)
Fossilization Needle, Fossilizing Scroll, Fossilizing Book


Player falls and sleeps. Blue bubbles will appear. Sleeping Potion, Unicorn, Lycan Coffee Snow Ball (someone has to throw it at you) Slumber Needle, Sleeping Scroll, Sleeping Book
Freeze Makes the player walk noticably slower. The player will look like it is in ice. Some special attacks are cancelled. Lasts shorter than poison. Freezing Potion, Crystal Gollum, Abominable Snowman, The White Dragon Wine Ice Needle,
Blizzard Scroll, Blizzard Book

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