Getting Started In Puppet GuardianEdit

You are in rags, standing on the edge of what seems to be a floating island, next to a rock and a large castle. You have no idea what to do! This guide will help you get started. You can click on the item button bring up your inventory/also known as Display. You can also do this with other players. You will first see that you have no money whatsoever. You can sell items through the Vendor wearing a Turban in any Tower. Remember: there are real players looking in the Merchant Guild, it is not a NPC trader. So do not sell overpriced- a good price for most items you obtain when you just start is 0.02G (lowest). Gold may be hard to get in this game - so spend it wisely!

Merchant guild

Second, you'll see you are currently wearing Vagabond Shirt and Vagabond Pants. You might want clothes, weapons, not to be called Apprentice.

This can all be accomplished through synthesis.


It is a great thing to do! You may have noticed you can add items to synthesis jar, either by clicking on the item or simply dragging the item to the Synthesis Jar .

Synthesis jar

Once the item has been added you can check out what it can be made into by clicking the option Synth List

If you see something you like, and you have all the appropriate materials, click the option Synthesize

Tower I has materials for getting different clothing

Tower II has materials for getting weapons, also here are some Weapons


To Draw out weapon hit the Ctrl key- when your weapon is drawn, you won't be able to click on a player and bring up their profile.

  • Note: On Macintosh Computer use Command Key to draw weapon.

To use the weapon, hit Spacebar - Every weapon has a special move Spacebar + Shift

  • Note: While using a shield special moves are unaccessible (you cannot use them).
    But you can unwield or wield the shield using shift+enter so that you can use a weapon's
    special move without really taking off your shield.

Misc InformationEdit

  • If you log out for an hour - your health will be completely recharged.
  • If you run out of dice, try teaming up with people! Puppet Guardian was meant to be a social game, so don't be a lone wolf.
    • Dice recharged at the rate of once per hour or 24 rolls in a day.

There's much more information about scams, dice rolling, and what have you, so For more information check out

Getting Start Forum Thread

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