Emerald magic points are used to cast magic of Nature element. Nature isn't strong or weak versus anything in Puppet Guardian(aside from Magical Rooms).

Emerald GemEdit


Emerald charge

Emerald is a green gem that is sorted in the MAGIC line in an order in where it is the last one, after Tourmaline. It can be found in Tower III, there is a probality of getting it on one of the river spaces(19, 20, 29, 30). Special effect of Emerald is the Poison Effect.

  • The likelihood of finding an Emerald is somewhat small, Some people think that it is one of the hardest gems to acquire.
  • Emerald appears to not be much popular, perhaps because of it's less useful capabilities or maybe because of it's magic appearance or maybe because of the lack of some more other interesting items in Tower III


  • Using Poison Wand or Venom Staff lets out a stinking cloud that damages the enemy some times for 6 damage, the advantage is that it can reach a little more widely than other magic. It also poisons the enemies hit for a short time.
  • Poisonous Fog Book spreads a poisonous mist around the player, dealing 9 damage and poisoning the enemies for a quite good amount of time.
  • Remedy Book cures poison of everyone around when used.
  • Fairy Wand cures any status ailments of everyone around when used.
  • Rose Ring(name?) casts vines that damage the enemies around.

See also: Poison Effect

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Charge usingEdit






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