This guide will teach you how to edit images for the pages in the guide.

For Example: You may want to put this image into the guide:

Vampire Fangs

But you don't know how to get it down to this size and out of the game.
This guide will teach you how.

First: The Program

The program I use to crop these images is GIMP 2.6. If you do not have this program it is free for download on the GIMP website for PC and MAC. I believe there are other ways to get the image so if you know one feel free to post it here. Download GIMP here. Paint is also good, I recommend it for beginners.

  • *Note on a MAC computer you will use X11 to open GIMP

Second: The ProcessEdit

  • Before you even open GIMP you must first get the image off of Puppet Guardian. Personally, I take screenshots. Zoom up for Windows by pressing Ctrl - = ( equal sign). For Macs, I think it's Command - = (equal sign). I zoom about 4 times for a good clear image
    • For macs, all you need to do is press: Command - Shift - 3. The image will appear on your desktop as "Picture 1".
    • For PC's, press the small "PrtSc" key on your keyboard. It can be usually found on the top right of the pad. Next, open GIMP, or what I use is Microsoft Paint, it comes with Windows. I find Paint to be much easier than GIMP, and takes much less runtime memory. Next, press: Control + V, and you should see the screenshot pop out. Cool, huh?

  • Macs after step 1: Open the image in your picture editor (File > Open > "Your Filename")

  • When you open the image you will first notice that you do not see the screen as big as you do in puppet guardian. So you need to zoom.
Zoom 2 in GIMP

Click on this tool and click on the image, make sure you are zoomed in at 100%.

  • Next, you are going to use the magic wand tool so you can crop the image down to size.
Magic Wand in GIMP

You will need to select the white area between where the item's color begins and where the entire card ends:

Magic Wand Action

  • Once you have selected the area in between, you must crop the image (Image > Crop to Selection). This should make you see only the single item.

Third: UploadEdit

Congratulations! You have edited your image to be in the guide. Make sure you save (File > Save) and upload it to the correct page. I hope this guide helps! See Editing Notes for help with editing guides

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