These articles need more work- after editing the mentioned articles under the subcategory- please remove the category link, so people don't duplicate your work. Subcategories include:

Need Image- there may be an image link already attached - so if you have the proper file name when uploading, that may be all you need to do, otherwise you'll have to either manually enter image tag which looks like "image:Your image title.jpg/png" depending on file type.

Note: when uploading, the first letter is always capitalized.

Need Information - description of item may not be included - or a complete compilation of items that it can be used to synthesize, many entries only include that items that are shown when you click on the synthesis link of that particular item- But there are usually many more items. This also could include usable items- I have not included usage for items I've just recently put into Usable Items category.

Note: Please look to see if all the necessary categories are added. For example, that Equippable Items are in the correct subcategory- either move them(if they are in the incorrect subcategory) or assign them.

To Add - this page needs to be added, there is no content

Please Refer to Editing Notes for more information on adding and creating information.


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