Special MovesEdit

Parry and hit. Your avatar will lift the sword into a parry position. If you are attacked with a physical attack at this moment, your avatar will deflect the hit, causing no damage. Your avatar will then quickly strike after the parry position.

  • Note: Attacks are faster than regular attacks if repeated using the Turbo Attack (hold spacebar down for repeated turbo attack) for the same damage.

Guard. Defends from enemy attacks. see 'Weapon Details

Weapon ListEdit

Bronze Long Swords
Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Bronze Long Sword Bronze Long Sword 10 Copper 3
High Bronze Long Sword High Bronze Long Sword 5
Bronze Long Swords
Zoa Bronze Long Sword Zoa Bronze Long Sword 5
High Bronze Long Swords
5 Swordsman
Giga Bronze Long Sword Giga Bronze Long Sword 5
Zoa Bronze Long Swords
6 Swordsman
Holy Bronze Long Sword Holy Bronze Long Sword 5
Giga Bronze Long Swords
7 Expert
Paragon Bronze Long Sword Paragon Bronze Long Sword 5
Holy Bronze Long Swords

Holy Swordsman

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