Weapon Details Edit

A very close range weapon with high damage. It is one handed allowing for the use of a shield.

Special Moves Edit

Charge Up. Your Avatar will charge an attack while moving,and then unleashes a devastating hit. The attack will charge up by a certain factor based on the number bursts. Unlike the Halberd the Axe has a limited range. Axe currently possesses the greatest burst damage of all weapons of that type when fully charges.

Guard. Defends from enemy attacks. see Weapon Details

Weapon ListEdit

Standard Axes
Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Axe Axe 10 Iron 4

Special: 4x6 (24 max)

High Axe Axe 5 Axes 5

Special: 5x6 (30 max)

Zoa Axe Zoa Axe 5 High Axes 7

Special: 7x6 (42 max)

Giga Axe Giga Axe 5 Zoa Axes 9

Special: 9x6 (54 max)

Giga Axe 2 Giga Axe 5 Zoa Axes

5 Vampire Fangs


Special: 9x6 (54 max)

Holy Axe Holy Axe 5 Giga Axes 11

Special: 11x6 (66 max)



Paragon Axe Paragon Axe 5 Holy Axes 13

Special: 13x6 (78 max)



Genie Axe Genie Axe 1 Paragon Axe

1 Phoenix Crest


Special: 13x6 (78 max)



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