Elemental EffectEdit

10% chance of putting monster to sleep .

Special AttackEdit

Teleport: Moves the player roughly 100 pixels on the screen, horizontally. Deals damage to any monsters on or in between the starting point and ending point.

Weapon ListEdit

Aqua Scythes
Image Name Materials Used Damage Title
Aqua Scythe

Aqua Scythe

Found In: White Dragon Chest


Special: 6

High Aqua scythe

High Aqua Scythe

5 Aqua Scythe


Special: 7


Zoa Aqua Scythe

5 High Aqua Scythe ? ?

Giga Aqua Scythe

5 Zoa Aqua Scythe ? ?

Holy Aqua Scythe

5 Giga Aqua Scythe ? ?

Paragon Aqua Scythe

5 Holy Aqua Scythe ? ?

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